Watchtower 17

The Watchtower at level 17

A Watchtower is one of the Buildings that can be constructed in an economic Satellite. Building and upgrading it increases the durability of the City Wall and the amount of defenses it can hold.


# Durability & Defense Bonus
lv16 80%
lv17 85%
lv18 90%
lv19 95%

Upgrade RequirementsEdit

Each upgrade level of the Watchtower requires you to already have an Economic Center at the same upgraded level.

Construction time may vary between players, depending on their Construction Level and Political Points.

# Timber Stone Iron
lv16->lv17 6126 21567 6162
lv17->lv18 7546 26411 7546
lv18->lv19 8400 29400 8400
lv19->lv20 10080 35280 10080