Tavern 17

The Tavern at level 17

The Tavern is one of the buildings in a city. It is mainly used to recruit a Hero. Upgrading the Tavern gives a chance at better heroes, and shortens the time that Random Requests will take to re-appear.

The Tavern offers a list of 5 heroes. To get a famous hero, i.e. one that was advertised in the Hall of Fame, the list may have to be refreshed several times.

Upgrade RequirementsEdit

Each upgrade level of the Tavern requires you to already have a City Hall at the same upgraded level.

Construction time may vary between players, depending on their Construction Level and Political Points.

# Timber Stone Iron
lv1 2 2 2
lv1->lv2 5 4 4
lv2->lv3 7 6 6
lv3->lv4 10 8 8
lv4->lv5 21 16 16
lv5->lv6 55 44 44
lv6->lv7 175 140 140
lv18->lv19 8885 7108 7108
lv19->lv20 10660 8528 8528
lv21->lv22 15350 12280 12280
lv22->lv23 18420 14736 17736
lv23->lv24 22105 17684 17684

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