Swordman unit

Swordsmen are Melee Infantry soldiers that can be hired in Barracks and upgraded in the Academy.

Swordmen live to defend their weaker long-ranged allies from harm using their heavy armor and superior shields. They have little offensive power, but they are the paragon of military cooperation.


  • Long Range Defense: These units their shields to greatly reduce the damage dealt by long-range enemies.
  • Shield Formation: These units will go into shield formation when they stop moving, greatly increasing their defense.

Costs per unitEdit

Level Copper Coins Food
2 18 9

Upgrade RequirementsEdit

Level Timber Stone Merit Prerequisites
Lv 2->3 1869 4671 1500 Academy Lv15
Lv 3->4 17670 44175 6000 Academy Lv20

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