Storehouse 17

Storehouse at level 17

The Storehouse is one of the buildings in a city. It is used to store the resources Food, Timber, Stone, and Iron. Upgrading the Storehouse will increase its capacity, which is also improved by building and upgrading a Protestant Church in an economic Satellite. Opening the menu of this building lets players convert some of their stored Resources into other types, though not at a 1:1 ratio, and also requiring a fee of 1 Gold Coin per trade.Players are only allowed to have 1 Storehouse in their city. 


The listed capacity is for each resource. 

Level  Capacity
Lv1 10,000
Lv2 20,000
Lv3 30,000
Lv4 40,000
Lv5 50,000
Lv6  64,000
Lv18 660,000
Lv19 740,000
Lv20 820,000
Lv21 900,000
Lv22 980,000
Lv23 1,060,000

Upgrade CostsEdit

For each level, it is required to first have a City Hall of the same level. Construction time may vary between players, depending on their Construction Level and Political Points.. 

Level Timber Stone Iron
Lv1->2 3 4 2
Lv2->3 4 6 3
Lv3->4 6 8 4
Lv4->5 12 16 8
Lv5->6 33 44 11
Lv18->19 5331 7108 1777
Lv19->20 6396 8528 2132
Lv20->21 7674 10232 2558
Lv22->23 11052 14736 3684

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