Protestant Church 17

The Protestant Church at level 17

The Protestant Church puts your people to work in the farm and storehouse, converting idle population into working population, increasing farm resource output, and increasing storehouse capacity.


# Idle Population Converted Increased Farm Output Increased Storehouse Capacity
lv17 820 85% 79,000
lv18 880 90% 91,000
lv19 940 95% 104,000
lv21 1,080 105% 133,000
lv22 1,160 110% 149,000
lv23 1,240 115% 166,000

Upgrade RequirementsEdit

Each upgrade level of the Protestant Church requires you to already have an Economic Center at the same upgraded level.

Construction time may vary between players, depending on their Construction Level and Political Points.

# Timber Stone Iron Pre-Requisites
lv17->lv18 11319 11319 11319
lv18->lv19 12600 12600 12600 Lord lv60
lv19->lv20 15120 15120 15120 Lord lv60
lv21->lv22 21771 21771 21771 lv80
lv22->lv23 26127 26127 26127 lv80

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