Prosperity is gained by constructing and upgrading Buildings in the player's city or Satellites. Prosperity defines the City Level. If the city is successfully invaded by enemy forces, Prosperity will take temporary damage that recovers over time, which can partially be accelerated through the Artisan. If Prosperity drops through a level barrier, the city's level will also temporarily decrease. This does not harm the existing buildings, though it will shrink the player's Farm, destroying in the process any remaining structure and resources left on affected farming plots, as the Farm's size is determined by City Level. Prosperity is displayed on top of the screen, above the City Level. Prosperity Damage is displayed in yellow.


City LevelEdit

City Level can be increased when certain milestones of Prosperity have been reached:

City Level Prosperity
Level 2  1,200
Level 3 8,400
Level 4 25,000
Level 8 155,000
Level 9 215,000
Level 10 290,000
Level 11 360,000
Level 12 480,000

Increasing the City Level will also change the general appearance of the city:

  • City Level 1
  • City Level 2
  • City Level 3