Pikeman unit

Pikemen are Melee Infantry soldiers that can be recruited in Barracks and upgraded in the Academy.

A single pikeman has little fighting strength, but when formed into a unit, they create a bristling wall of spikes that is difficult to penetrate. Their long weapons can easily stop charging enemy cavalry in their tracks. They lack strong defenses against long-range weapons and attacks to their flank.


  • Stabbing Spear: Their long weapons allow them to stop charging cavalry in their tracks. Their attack and defense are increased against melee cavalry.
  • Repel: These units have a chance to push back the target and deal extra damage. This is automatically triggered against cavalry charges.

Costs per unitEdit

Level Copper Coins Food
2 12 6

Upgrade RequirementsEdit

Level Food Iron Merit Prerequisites
Lv 2->3 1246 3114 1500 Academy Lv15