Musket cavalry

musket cavalry unit

The Musket Cavalry is the last ranged cavalry unit to be unlocked by the player. They can be upgraded in the Academy and recruited in the Barracks.

The evolution of firearms from the matchlock to the snaphance has completely changed military tactics. The specially-trained horses ridden by these gunmen grant them extraordinary mobility, creating a force that cannot be ignored.

Costs per UnitEdit

Level Food Copper Coins
Lv 1 6 12
Lv 2 12 24
Lv 3 24 36

Upgrade RequirementsEdit

Musket Cavalry
Level Food Iron Merit Requirements
Lv 0->1 20 48 50 Academy Lv19
Lv 1->2 96 240 300 Academy Lv9
Lv 2->3 2492 6228 1500 Academy Lv15
Lv 3->4 23560 58900 6000 Academy Lv20

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