Mortars are the last siege weapon unit to be unlocked in the Academy. They can be recruited in the Barracks.


  • Wide of the Mark: These units will deal much less damage to enemies in close range.
  • Exploding Bullets: Deals area damage to multiple units within a certain range of the target, and deals extra damage to siege weapons. 

Upgrade CostsEdit

# Food Stone Merit Academy
Lv0->1 20 48 50 Lv20
Lv1->2 96 240 300 Lv9
Lv2->3 2492 6228 1500 Lv15
Lv3->4 23560 58900 6000 Lv20

Costs per UnitEdit

Level Food Copper Coins
Lv 1 6 12
Lv 2 12 24
Lv 3 24 36

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