Farm Chest

Farm with chest and timer

A Farm produces resources. There are four different levels of each building, with increasing collection intervals and amounts. As the city grows, so will the number of available farming plots. Clicking the building in the center will increase the farm's popularity, once Lord Level 15 has been reached by its owner. Players on one's friend list can give hearts, too. When enough hearts have been given, the building turns into a chest and gets a timer. When the timer is expired, the chest can be clicked to collect a reward. After that, the chest is again turned into a building that can be clicked for hearts. With each round, the number of hearts increases, and the reward gets more valuable. When a farming plot is full, other players may click it to steal a portion of the resources. This can only be done once per plot and growing cycle.

A Farm can temporarily shrink back in size when Prosperity Damage causes a loss of City Level. Resources and structures on affected plots are lost.