Crossbowman unit

Crossbowmen are a ranged infantry unit that players can unlock and upgrade in the Academy and recruit them in the Barracks.

A crossbow has a shorter attack range than a longbow, but the added power behind every shot allows it to penetrate heavy armor. An ordinary civilian with a crossbow can kill a highly-skilled opponent in a flash.


  • Armor-Piercing: These units ignore their target's armor, causing them to deal extra damage.
  • Rapid Fire: These units have a chance to launch continous attacks for a short time..

Costs per unitEdit

Level Copper Coins Food
1 9 5
2 18 9

Upgrade RequirementsEdit

Level Timber Iron Merit Pre-Requisites
Lv0 - Lv1 15 36 50 Academy Lv10
Lv1 - Lv2 72 180 300 Academy Lv9
Lv2 - Lv3 1869 4671 1500 Academy Lv15