NW 917 Aug. 07 21.37

City Wall at level 17

The City Wall is a structure (technically, a building) around every player's city. Should the city be attacked and all defending soldiers have been defeated, it serves as a last line of defense. A City Wall is capable of producing and storing additional defenses that will be fired at the enemy in case of an attack. The wall also enclosed Satellites, though its menu cannot be opened from there.

  • Level 9
  • Level 17

Upgrade CostsEdit

For each upgraded level, players must first have the City Hall upgraded to the same level. Construction time may vary between players, depending on their Construction Level and Political Points.

# Timber Stone Iron
lv1->2 2 2 2
lv2->3 3 3 3
lv3->4 4 4 8
lv4->5 10 10 21
lv5->6 20 20 40
lv18->19 4200 4200 8400
lv19->20 4830 4830 9660
lv20->21 5150 5150 10300
lv22->23 6670 6670 13340
lv23->24 7500 7500 15000
lv24->25 8100 8100 16200

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