Weapons and armor can be obtained via the campaign and other sources (?).

It is used to boost the base stats of your heroes.

Equipment can be further upgraded using the enhance tab of the inventory panel, costing copper coins to upgrade and getting more expensive as a piece of equipment has been upgraded more times.

Equipment can also be socketed with gems using the socket gem tab of the inventory panel. Each piece of equipment can have up to three gems socketed, costing a small amount of copper coins to socket or extract a gem. Equipment cannot contain more than one gem of the same colour.

Equipment can also be created by using the gear fusion tab of the inventory panel, as you progress through the game and also win lucky spins, you can collect equipment pieces. Fusing four of the same level and type of equipment piece will create the piece of equipment.


Name Level +ATK +AGI
Heroic Shortsword 1 - 50
Mighty Saber 1 60 -
Heavy Warhammer 10 15 -
Balanced Polearm 20 30 -
Reinforced Halberd 30 60 -
Superior Longsword 40 100 -
Radiant Blade 50 140 -


Name Level +VIT
Heroic Helmet 1 50
Reinforced Helmet 30 60
Superior Helmet 40 100
Masterwork Helmet 60 250


Name Level +DEF
Heroic Cuirass 1 50
Reinforced Cuirass 30 60
Superior Cuirass 40 100
Masterwork Cuirass 60 250


Name Level +ATK +VIT
Heroic Ruby Ring 1 50 -
Mighty Ring 1 - 60
Reinforced Amulet 30 60 -
Regal Sapphire Ring 70 300 -


Name Level +AGI
Heroic Greaves 1 50
Reinforced Greaves 30 60


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