Buildings can be placed at construction points in a player's city. There are 16 known Buildings a player can have in their main city, and several more in Satellites. Constructing and upgrading Buildings increases the city's Prosperity. Some buildings come in a fixed spot from the start. As Buildings level up, their effects increase and eventually their appearance will change, too. Many Buildings have specific functions that can be called up by clicking on them. I.e., when clicking on Barracks, soldiers can be recruited.


Except for Barracks and Dwellings, buildings can only be built once per city or satellite.

In the main city you can have a maximum of 10 Dwellings and 10 Barracks.

In the main city every building can have a maximum level equal to that of the City Hall. In the Satellite Cities, every building can have a maximum level equal to the Military/Economic Center.






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