Apothecary 17

The Apothecary at level 17

The Apothecary is one of the buildings in a city. It is used to produce bandages to heal heroes when they have been injured in battle. Upgrading the Apothecary will increase the number of bandages that can be stored. The capacity of this building can be further increased by a Pharmacy.

Upgrade RequirementsEdit

For each upgraded level of the Apothecary, players must first have built a City Hall of the same upgraded level. To build a level 1 Apothecary, it is also mandatory to have the Tavern at level 2. Construction time may vary between players, depending on their Construction Level and Political Points.

Timber Stone Iron
Lv1 1 1 1
Lv1->2 3 3 3
Lv2->3 4 4 4
Lv3->4 5 5 5
Lv4->5 31 31 31
Lv5->6 60 60 60
Lv19->20 15120 15120 15120
Lv21->22 21771 21771 21771
Lv22->23 26127 26127 26127


Level Bandages
Lv1  400
Lv2 450
Lv3 500
Lv4 550
Lv5 600
Lv6 650
Lv19 1,300
Lv20 1,350
Lv21 1,400
Lv22 1,450
Lv23 1,500

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