Altar 16

The Altar at level 16

The Altar can convert resources into Hero EXP. One can be built in each economic Satellite.

The coversion rate is 1 to 1 in intervals of 1000.

Example: 2000 food, 2000 timber, 2000 stone and 2000 iron coverts into 2000 Hero EXP.

The maximum amount that can be converted a day, depends on the Altars level. i.e. a level 16 Altar can preform 50 "sacrifices" a day, converting 50.000 of each resource into 50.000 Hero EXP.


Altar sacrifice

Altar sacrifice

# Sacrifices Per Day
lv15 45


lv17 55
lv18 60
lv19 65

Upgrade RequirementsEdit

Each upgrade level of the Altar requires you to already have an Economic Center at the same upgraded level.

Construction time may vary between players, depending on their Construction Level and Political Points.

# Wood Stone Iron
lv15->lv16 6699 6699 8932
lv16->lv17 9243 9243 12324
lv17->lv18 11319 11319 15092
lv18->19 12600 12600 16800
lv19->lv20 15120 15120 20160

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