Academy 17

The Academy at level 17

The Academy is one of the buildings in a city. It is used to unlock new technologies like new soldiers, or improve units the player has already unlocked. Production of resources can also be improved by upgrading.

Upgrade CostsEdit

For each level, players must have a City Hall of the same level first. To build a level 1 Academy, it is also mandatory to have one Dwellings Lv1. Construction time varies between players, depending on their Political Points and other factors.

Level Timber Stone Iron
Lv1 3 1 1
Lv1->2 7 3 2
Lv2->3 10 4 3
Lv3->4 56 24 16
Lv4->5 117 50 33
Lv5->6 217 93 62
Lv6->7 728 312 208
Lv18->19 81423 45235 36188
Lv19->20 97704 54280 43424

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